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As New York's premiere boutique caterer, Susan Lawrence is unique in its approach to event planning and party design.

With three decades of experience, we truly understand how to throw a party.

Our stunning food and design presentations, impeccable attention to detail and sophisticated culinary style provide a truly personalized and quality experience. Let us take care of it all so you can be a guest at your own event.

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The Thanksgiving Feast
Please place your online orders by Monday, November 25
at 5:00 PM

"Come home to Thanksgiving! Dear Children, come home! From the Northland and the South, from the West and the East. Where'er ye are resting, where'er ye roam come back to this sacred and annual feast."

- Horace Greeley 1846

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Autumn & Pumpkins

We are very excited about our all new Fall menu - so please come in and sample some of the 30 or 40 delicious new dishes that celebrate the season and the bounty of the Hudson River Valley. As Thanksgiving approaches we are here to assist you in planning a stress-free holiday dinner!

As we look toward Christmas and the holidays, please remember our food, serving staff, rentals and party design services are available for all your entertaining needs. Our unique space is also available for Private Events, Celebration Dinners & Cocktail Parties.

Deliciousness has never been so easy!

Mark's Journal
The Truth About Rotisserie Chickens: Caveat Emptor!

It is always a temptation. The aroma of those warm rotisserie chickens in your local food market catches your attention every time. It's an easy dinner solution and who could resist a good roast chicken for a quick impromptu dinner? What seems like a good idea is actually a potentially disappointing and dangerous food experience. 

Keep in mind, those yummy chickens have been kept under a heat lamp for hours (sometimes reheated from days before) and exposed to all sorts of temperature fluctuations. In addition to getting very tough and dry, the potential for them being dangerous to eat is quite high. At a luke warm temperature, they are what the health department certifies as being in the "danger zone." This is a temperature at which potentially harmful pathogens grow like wildfire. Put that little warm cooked bird in a foil bag and on the ride home the risk of salmonella and other toxins increases at an astonishing rate. Don't even think about leftovers. Once those little devils get going, they are not going away. Not even in the refrigerator. 

Many people have asked over the years why our Rotisserie Chickens are kept cold in our refrigerator case here at Susan Lawrence. Well, the answer is simple. A perfect roast chicken, when chilled immediately after cooking, preserves the integrity of the bird. The 'cold' will not only lock in the juices but will keep that dangerous salmonella bacteria from ever getting started. 

So next time, when the aroma of those warm roasting chickens captures your senses, observe carefully. Think about how long they have been waiting there for you and decide for yourself if suspicion is warranted. A properly handled 'cold' chicken will crisp up beautifully in a hot oven - and don't forget the gravy....       

                                                                                                       - Mark Kramer

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